Q1 : How much will the charges/rate be for each project?

A : Since each project is unique on it's own, so naturally the requirements will be different. There is no fixed charge / rate for a project. Please provide your project requirements as detail as possible so that I can quote you an accurate price / charge. If you only have a brief idea we can discuss further to finalize the requirements in order for me to estimate the costing.


Q2 : How long can you complete a project?

A : It's depends on your project's complexities and scope.  If a project is complex, of course it will take longer time to develop. From my previous experience working on numerous projects, the time to complete each project can range from few days to few months.


Q3 : What is the programming language that you are expert in since you list down so many programming languages?

A : As a programmer, I have to keep on updating with current technologies in order to cater for difference projects' requirement. I am constantly learning new programming languages. You can check on the details I listed in "Profile" page. Anyway, my personal favorite programming language is Java just to satisfy your curiosity :)


Q4 : Why can't you list out more detail descriptions about the projects you completed?

A : It's not convenient for me to list out details info of my completed projects because some of the projects I developed were outsourced from well-known companies, they do not want their business information to be disclosed as specified in their Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA). Anyway, the intention of listing out some of my completed project titles is just to show my programming experiences working on various fields, technologies, and platforms.