I am an experienced Professional Programmer who has been working in Software Industry for over 15 years. Currently I am providing fulltime freelance programming services to customers. With my experience in programming field, I am well equipped with technical knowledge to provide complete solutions to my clients during the development of projects.

I had developed over 300+ systems and programs throughout these years. These systems cover a wide spectrum of topologies in IT industry from front end ( Mobile / PC ) to back end ( Servers ) using multiple programming languages running on different platforms.


Services Provided :

  • Develop custom software systems for companies / individual on PC or Server covering multiple platforms.
  • Develop Android app and iPhone app using native SDK.
  • Develop custom software on special hardwares like SmartCard reader, Thumb print reader, PDAs, RFID, Handphones and etc.
  • Accept IT Projects Outsourcing.
  • Web based application programming.
  • Macro Programming.
  • Open source projects modification and customization ( Eg. Joomla, WordPress, OsCommerce, and etc ).
  • Payment gateway integration on various shopping carts including Paypal, E-Gold, NBePay and etc.
  • Website data scrapping/mining.
  • For other types of programming services please contact me for confirmation.


Anyone with enquiries or requirements are most welcomed to contact me for detail discussions. I can help you to develop your custom software systems based on your business requirements. No matters you are operating business, working professional, studying, or even just learning programming for fun, feel free to WhatsApp / SMS or email me any time.


Why Do You Choose My Services ?

  • Professional and has in-depth experience in software industry with strong foundation in C/C++ programming.
  • Responsible and strong support for projects.
  • All projects are 100% coded by myself to ensure the quality of the systems.
  • Dedicated to ensure projects are delivered on time.
  • Negotiable on pricing ( Depends on complexity and features ).