I graduated from University of Missouri-Columbia (USA), with degree in Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.
I had my first job working as Analyst Programmer / Programmer in IATS (US), my main responsibility were programming and mobile hardware R&D.

University of Missouri-Columbia

Then, I continue my programming career in few IT companies in Malaysia to gain more experience. In year 2004, I started to provide programming services to customers and later on setup my own business.

Working as programmer is not just a profession for me, but it is also my hobby. As such, I am very enthusiastic about my works. I constantly update and expose myself to new technologies and programming languages. With Pascal, C/C++, Unix and Java background, I picked-up PHP in just 1 week and now I already added Android and Objective-C to my profile.

Currently, with over 15 years of programming experience working on various type of projects, I am proficient with most commonly used programming languages and able to develop systems that integrates multiple platforms using different programming languages, including those specialize hardware devices like smart card reader / writer, RFID, thumb print reader, Windows CE device and etc.

For those who are interested to know more about my Programming Skills, below are list of Programming Languages / scriptings and platforms which I familiar with. ( The lists will keep on growing ) : 

Python, Objective-C, Java, C/C++, PHP, PERL, Visual Basic, Pascal, LISP, VB.NET, ASP.NET, C#.NET and etc.

AngularJS, AJAX, AutoNumeric.js, smartmenus, jQuery, jquery-validation, jquery-ui, jquery-number, jquery-validation-unobtrusive, Javascript, VBscript, ASP, Actionscript and etc.


Oracle, MYSQL, MSSQL ( SQL Server ), SQLite, Access, DB2 and etc.

Apache, Tomcat, Linux and etc.

.Net Core, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia's Symbian, MIDP, CLDC, J2ME, Pocket PC, Mobile.NET, Windows CE and etc.

SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) using Report Builder

pandas - Python Data Analysis Library, d3.js, Razor, Laravel 5.1, JSON, Piccolo2D, OBEX Push, JSP, JBoss, WAP, Servlet, Applet, HTML, DHTML, XML, Flash, Object Oriented Programming, JDBC, ODBC, VBA, CGI, PL/SQL,CSS, Palm applications development and etc.



Testimonial :

"We are into Oil & Gas well testing business serving a wide range of international and local IOCs, NOCs and well services companies. We did contract Wee Programming to develop a software application so our users can process our downhole tools data. Our project was very professionally handled and executed in a timely manner, and more importantly our clients feedbacks have been excellent. Definitely, we recommend Wee Programming services."
- Openfield Technology
Openfield Technology



My Customers :

Building and Wood Workers' International Auric Pacific Altor Risk Group
KTS Cellular Myeg Duta Klasik
Vi Tech Kopiko